Large Antique Armoire Burl Wood W/ Mirror Door & Drawer


Large Antique Armoire Burl Wood W/ Mirror Door & Drawer

For those who were watching my previous listing for this item, I am sorry I had to cancel that listing to relist. It had nothing to do with price and see the bottom for a full explanations. Again sorry for any inconveniece.
Moving Sale !!! We've had this armoir for many years. 
I'll state right away that the winning bidder must pick up on Saturday, May 7th from my storage in Chicago (or Friday May 6th), so do not bid if you can't pick up then.  Also local pickup only. T
It can be viewed on Friday May 6th if you want to view it. (If someone decides they just want to take it on Friday, then the listing can be ended early and they can buy it on the spot.)
It comes apart into three sections (the base with the drawer, the mid section with mirror, and the top cover). It has a large drawer at the bottom. The glass has some tape stuck to it from the movers which I have never tried to remove. The glass also has some large spots on it from age and some faint age spots too.  Inside there is a bar for hangers and some hooks. There are some dings and nicks from movers on different areas of the piece. It's not perfect, but then again it's not new. It functions well and serves as a nice, affordable piece in any home. With some fixing up, it could be turned back into a great piece.   Email me if you have any questions.

I didn't take the best pictures, but if you zoom in on the first picture, you can see the condition of the glass mirror. Most of what you see in the mirror is the reflection of things in my storage unit. About 1/3 of the way down from the top you can see the tape residue left from the mover's tape and I never tried to really remove the tape residue left over. Near the top of the glass you'll see the two large spots I took a closeup of (photo 6) which show some marks on the glass. For the most part the glass is OK but not great. You can see in photo 2, the bottom of the glass mirror. There are also a few bubble like spots on the wood which you can see in picture 5.
Finally, I stated that "(If someone decides they just want to take it on Friday, then the listing can be ended early with a buyit now added to it.)" so if you are thinking about purchasing it, and you feel comfortable letting me know, send me a message so I can alert you if I am adding the buyit now option for someone to buy it at an immediate price and you don't miss it as the listing will no longer be available.
See my other items for sale for other great deals. Bid with confidence with my perfect feedback.
This selling process has been a real hassle. Sorry I had to relist the items previously listed but I had to change the pickup date. I'm trying to close on a condo in Chicago at the same time that I sell this furniture and move everything else to another city.  I don't live in Chicago anymore so I have to fly in for this and the closing keeps getting pushed back as the buyer is waiting for loan approval. I'm sorry this has been an inconvenience for anyone following my auctions but I had to push this back.  This home closing has been impossible and taken too long.  (It's also costing me a fortune in change fees as I keep on having to move my flights out another week.) I'm sorry for the inconvenience this is causing anyone who follows this auction but hopefully it will be over soon. If you don't have the patience for dealing with my relistings, then I understand if you're not interested in the auctions. I'd wait until closer to the auction end to see if that weekend is really going to work for me. (In the mean time Ebay's making some nice money off of my listing and relisting...)
I may again have to pull the listing for a later date but it will be listed again at the same price if I have to cancel it as the house sale might not be going through as the buyer's loan might be falling through.

Sale Ends Soon

Large Antique Armoire Burl Wood W/ Mirror Door & Drawer
Paypal   US $300.00

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